Inspire Style Institute

Inspire Style Institute (ISI), is a progressive and professional career development and training institute coaching each student to become an independent, Certified Inspire Style Coach. After successfully completing ISI’s exclusive, easy-to-learn and intuitive Certified Inspire Style Training program, graduates are experts in Individual Body Shape Analysis, Personal Style Profiling and executing Lifestyle Wardrobe Revolutions.

These set of skills enable our graduates to create an individualized and tailored experience for their clients that impart empowerment, knowledge and most of all very high levels of confidence. The overwhelmingly positive paradigm shift felt by each client makes it that much easier to earn client referrals and quickly build a profitable business as a Certified Inspire Style Coach.

Whether you are ready for a new career and inspired to help others in the fun and exciting world of fashion, or you simply want to understand your own body shape and learn how to shop for yourself, ISI can get you there! Apply today. First, email us your contact information and tell us why you want to be a student at the Inspire Style Institute. There is no cost to apply. The Inspire Style Institute is enrolling now for 2015, as we are currently working on creating a new online training program!

Reasons to apply to the Inspire Style Institute:

  • Having a profound positive impact on other’s daily lives!
  • Be your own boss!
  • Set your own hours!
  • Work in the creative and exciting world of fashion!
  • Shop for a career!
  • Learn about your own body and style!