Kim Kardashian Maternity Clothes Controversy

I saw Kim’s outfits that she has been wearing whilst she’s heavily pregnant, and it led me to seeing people complain and insult her because it doesn’t make her look good and its not flattering for someone in her position. She has responded to these messages, please read this article by Hollywood Life (her blog is currently not […]

What Not to Wear

While I didn’t always agree with Stacy and Clinton’s method of ridiculing their guests, I understand it was reality TV, and for their goals of getting their guests to be open to change – it worked. In the end, they did so much good for everyday women, teaching us effective style strategies and building women’s […]

Oscars 2013

Tonight we’ll be watching the fashion of the Oscars! Some of my friends (from the film industry here in LA and clothing designers) are watching and emailing each other our hits and misses on the red carpet. Stay tuned for our final votes! The tally is in and our combined vote for best dressed list […]