Cheap and ChicQ: What is the typical hourly earning potential?

A: Depending on your level of experience, audience and market, hourly rates range from $80 – $350 per hour.


Q: What do I get certified?

A: After completing the Fundamentals of Style and Strategies of Success courses, you will become a certified ISI Coach.


Q: Do I have to have specific experience to take the certification course?

A: Retail experience helps, but is not required.


Q: What makes ISI different than other style training institutes?

A: ISI’s progressive and specialized curriculum prepares certified ISI Coaches to become successful style professionals who help their clients’ look and feel their best, with a rewarding and lucrative career.


Q: What is the Inspire Style Experience?

The Inspire Style Experience walks you through a 4-step experience that will reveal your best looks for your body shape, personal style and lifestyle. Your Inspire Style Coach will teach you how to accentuate your assets and create a complete wardrobe full of looks that showcase the very best you!

Step 1: body shape analysis & style profile report
This comprehensive and personalized report is the key to understanding which clothing styles are best suited for your body. It will explain everything you need to know about your body’s frame and the clothing silhouettes that will enable you to achieve our goal look.

Step 2: closet review
Your Inspire Style Coach will take you through an in-depth look at the contents of your closet to determine the items that will work best in your interchangeable wardrobe.

Step 3: partner shopping
Partner Shopping is the ultimate personalized and educational shopping experience. Clothes and accessories will be pre-selected specifically for your needs and waiting for you in your private dressing room.

Step 4: look book
After Partner Shopping, it’s time to create a personalized on-line Look Book to pull the entire experience together! Your Inspire Style Coach will help incorporate your new pieces with your existing wardrobe and accessories to create complete outfits. Each outfit will be photographed and documented in your own convenient online Look Book for daily reference.