Here are just a handful of the rave reviews received from client testimonials for Inspire Style Founder Jandi Girard and Certified Inspire Style Coaches:

“My experience with Jandi could not have been better. As far as I can tell she is a genius when it comes to fashion that is a happy synthesis between style, practicality, and what looks best for body type. If you are clueless about fashion (I am), my recommendation would be to carefully analyze your budget and allocate as much as you can to benefit the most from Jandi¹s advice. Her choices for me fit both needs and my budget.

Since Partner shopping I have been wearing all the clothes and looking good with out spending much time thinking about it (that was my goal). I’m absolutely thrilled with the selections. I think I am quite difficult to please but Jandi far exceeded my expectations.”

– M.H., Mother and Scientist


“I want to thank you for helping me figure out what clothes I should buy for my body. I am so excited that I finally found the perfect pair of jeans that make me look taller and skinnier.

I’ll admit, I was hesitant to try on some of the things you brought into the dressing room — until I put them on! I can’t believe how many great clothes I have been missing out on. And now I get it. I finally get it. I get what I am supposed to wear to make my short frame appear taller. Thank you!”

– R.M., Mother and Manager


“Oh my goodness! I want to tell you how much I appreciate you–and how wonderful the experience of working with you has been. It is amazing!

I got home that night after Partner Shopping and it is not normal for me to go try on new clothes that I buy for my husband. I just put them away and he’ll see them whenever I wear them. But I put everything on for him and he said, “Wow, You are so hot!” You know, I don’t know if I have ever heard it come out that way before! He was very appreciative, I am so appreciative. What an amazing experience, I want to do it all the time. It was just great!

There is way I can really say thanks enough, it was just wonderful – thank you!!!”

– D.B., Account Manager


“I had a great time going through the whole process with you and really feel good about the whole thing. You made if fun, which is saying something for me. Shopping for clothes to me was work, despite my liking to look good. You do a great job of putting people at ease which is huge. And I would be happy to share my experience – particularly with guys. Because I know how men might be hesitant to do this, but I absolutely am a believer now. I’ll happily talk with anyone that wants a reference.”

– JR. Father & CEO


“Working with Jandi was a delightful experience. She is knowledgeable, quick, reassuring and understands body types and what works best for each person. She picked out very flattering clothes for me that I would not have thought would looked good on me. I have received many compliments about my new look.

I highly recommend Jandi as a personal style coach.”

– G.S., Artist and Mother


“You are absolutely brilliant! You have brought the FUN back into shopping – I now look forward to shopping because you have given me so much clarity. I go into my closet with excitement and no regrets. I will highly recommend you to anyone – you are true asset to anyone.”

– P.W. Co-Owner and V.P. Sales and Marketing


“Jandi identified my body type and that knowledge has changed the way I dress and improved my confidence. I am now enrolled in school and look forward to starting a new career. Thanks so much, Jandi! I would not be where I am today without you!”

– P.O., Realtor and aspiring Psychologist


“I appreciate you and the work we did on my closet and wardrobe. I am amazed at how much more fun it is to get dressed knowing that everything fits and looks good on me. I really enjoyed working with you and getting to know you. I love your energy, enthusiasm and wit.”

– J.R., Medical Sales