Alice + olivia katerina embellished silk-organza dressInspire Style is a full service style coaching agency, helping men and women learn what to wear for their body, style and lifestyle. The Inspire Style Institute certifies students to become an independent Inspire Style Coach.

When Inspire Style Founder Jandi Chanel Girard, was Editor of a fashion magazine, she was inspired by the disconnect between fashion media, clothing retailers and true style. She witnessed many who were frustrated when buying clothes with their hard-earned dollars, but not looking their best or enjoying their purchases. She founded Inspire Style to share the secret science behind body shape and personal style, using clear and easy-to-learn strategies for pulling a look together and accomplishing style goals.

Girard became passionate about sharing information and coaching clients to unlearn myths and false assumptions, making room for discovering and implementing informed practices. The information Inspire Style teaches clients lasts a lifetime, and ultimately saves time, money and increases confidence. Plus, clients report that “it’s a ton of fun!” (Even for those who say they loathe shopping)!


Inspire Style Institute Founder Jandi Girard is a leading expert and pioneer in style coaching. In 2005, Girard launched Inspire Style, a full-service style coaching agency, revolutionizing the way we dress by taking a whole person approach to personal style. Through Girard’s personal and professional experiences, she realized that personal styling is more than putting trends on clients. Successful styling takes into consideration one’s; body shape, personal style, and lifestyle as well as personal and professional goals. She then developed the comprehensive “Inspire Style Experience,”

“When I first began working with my clients, I quickly learned they experience a monumental shift after going through the Inspire Style Experience.” Their confidence goes through the roof and they are thrilled with the outcome on a daily basis. They love going into their closet and enjoy all the compliments they get. This work is more exciting and rewarding than I had ever imagined, and I am thrilled and honored to be a part of our client’s transformation.

After years of success as a Style Coach, mentor and business owner, Girard is sharing her knowledge and experience now by training students to become successful independent Style Coaches at the Inspire Style Institute.

Girard’s resume includes working with celebrities, US Senators, Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. She was the editor of a fashion magazine and marketing director for a research hospital. Girard has regularly appeared on television, presented workshops and published articles, including her advice column Ask Jandi. Girard resides in sunny Los Angeles, California with her husband and two children.